Behind every face, there's a story.
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I had a flipping great time at @charlycox1 party.
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Hello everyone and welcome to my September Blog of the Month competition! August is quickly coming to an end which means its time for me to choose a blog of the month for September!
Must be following me
Must reblog this post! 
Gain like a mofo!
You will have a spot on my homepage for the whole month of September
I will constantly be giving blog rates to people for following you
I’ll give you first __ likes whenever you need them
I’ll reblog your posts and queue from you
And most importantly, you will get a new best friend (moi)
How this works:
All you have to do is follow me, and reblog this post, and at the very end of August I will look through all the blogs who have reblogged this post, and I will be choosing from there! Just so you guys know I’m not counting likes, so make sure you reblog!
Good luck everyone <3
Feel free to inbox me here and give me a detailed response as to why you think you deserve to be my blog of the month!
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similar here 
(q’d - have a good day cutie x)
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My #mcm is so cuteeeee, I love him so much 💕
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Hi there! I’m tumblr user shitastical aka Stefani. I run a personal blog but I do have a touch of pale/glow. I enjoy sunsets & pizza rolls. Don’t hesitate to message me because I like making new friends (as cliche as that sounds, it’s true) 
Check my blog out & I’ll follow you! 
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similar here 
(q’d - have a good day cutie x)
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